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DVTECH® Ceramic Matte Camara Screen Unbreakable Protector For Canon Eos 4000D (Not a Tempered glass)

DVTECH® Ceramic Matte Camara Screen Unbreakable Protector For Canon Eos 4000D (Not a Tempered glass)

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Product details

  • Compatible Device:Canon Eos 4000D
  • Hardness :9H Hardness
  • Safety:9H Hardness offer best Protection to your device
  • Impact:Save your device from scratches
  • Features:Absorbs the shock impact
  • Sensitivity: Anti Fingerprint, Crystal Clear Visibility
  • Edges: Support:- For any product related queries/support you may contact us through buyer-seller messenger from your Amazon Account. We have 1-2 Hrs response time. Don’t accept the package if it seems to be damaged/opened in transit. We shall be happy to help.
  • Country of Origin:India
  • Material: Polyethylene Terephthalate 

Information and Instructions for best use of this product. This is a quality product of DVTECH brand having 9H Crystal Clear/Matte/UV/Anti Blueray/Super Glossy/Antishock screen protector similar in look like a tempered glass. Its unbreakable and a better option instead of a fragile tempered glass. It can be easily installed on your mobile by simply placing it correctly on the screen. Follow the instructional leaflet provided by our company for understanding the installation process. In case if you place it incorrectly, no worry, just remvove it and place it again. Only one thing you have to ensure that there is not dust on the screen before placing it. You may need to switch off your Fan/Cooler etc as they throw invisible particles in air. Temepered glasses once placed on screen cannot be removed and reinstalled. This is one of the important reasons for choosing 9H Screen guards. This product is a 5 layered screen guard out of which 02 layers are removed while laser machine cutting. Remaining 03 layers are sent to user end and you have to remove 02 layers (Black side and little bluish side) with the use of stickers provided. Sometimes stickers are not enough to remove the layers and in that case you may use any pointed object like safety pin to remvove the layer.

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